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Yorkshire & Biewer Terrier's Dog Breeders is a small family owned Dog Breeders located in Williamsport, IN. Mister (Ken) and Missy (Susan); hence (MnM); have been involved with breeding Terriers since 1979.  We went through extreme measures so no inbreeding was created for our mated pair of adults consisting of AKC Yorkshire Terriers & AKC Biewer Terriers.


Our Yorkshire Terrier male (sire) originated from western Missouri, while our female (dam) originated from Tennessee.

Our Biewer Terrier male (sire) originated from Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine, earning his Junior Champion of Ukraine Certificate, while our female (dam) originated from Alabama.

Our adult dogs are Embark Health tested along with the whole litter prior to being release to their new families. They are also micro-chipped.

Our main priority is ensuring the health and well-being of all our animals from birth until they leave with their forever family - and beyond.

Our Continued Training:

GoodDog Savy Socialization Certificate.p

At L'amore MnM Mini's we strive to keep current with the latest technology of our breeds by attending courses and symposiums to stay on track with the latest testing available and genetics on their backgrounds. We make every effort to understand the overall health of our adults to better the breed.

Yorkshire & Biewer Terrier’s Dog Breeders

At, we raise exceptional animals in a loving and caring environment. Dedicated to following a responsible breeding program, our focus is on keeping our animals healthy and happy for when they find their new homes.

Our Yorkshire Terrier - Mated Pairs:

Sire: Ruffies Piccolli Pezzetti (Picco) & Dam: Ruffies Piccola Pepita (Nugget)
Both are AKC Registered and Embark Health tested


Sire: New Sire coming soon; Dam: Silver Fliis Only One (Zina) 
Dual registered: AKC & UKC
Embark Health tested; both are OFA Certified: Eyes & Patellas
Zina is CHIC Certified


Small Title

Our Biewer Terrier - Mated Pair

We are very excited about the mating of these two Biewer Terriers. Let us know if you want to be added to our wait list. These two are fully AKC registered as of January, 2021! What an achievement for this breed! They were both AKC registered as FSS (Foundation Stock Service). As of January 1, 2021, AKC recognized the Biewer Terrier as the club's 197th breed. HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!


Sire: Celestial Star Orlando (Orlando) is a Junior Champion of Ukraine. Pending his Championship confirmation from UKC. We are now showing him on the AKC arena. He is already winning awards here in the USA, 4 days after arriving here. He is spectacular and we know this mating will have extremely beautiful babies! Embark testing revealed he is 100% Biewer Terrier and his Coefficient of Inbreeding (CIO) is 24%

Dam: Aamore Mio Brizit (Bri) is the most outgoing girl that wants to please you and especially to sit in your lap. Such a beauty! Embark testing revealed she is 100% Biewer Terrier and her Coefficient of Inbreeding (CIO) is 22%



Available Biewer Terrier Pups:
DOB: 06/15/2022

Prepaid - AKC Registered, wormed, 8- 12- 16- week vaccines plus 1st year rabies;
ed, Embark Health tested

Carino 01.jpg

Available Biewer Terrier:
DOB 10/24/2021

She is AKC Registered, wormed, all vaccines & 1 year rabies; Microchipped; Embark Health tested
L'amore MnM Mini - Benedetta (Bene') is close to getting her UKC Championship. She is showing in the AKC 

Bene Show.jpg

**Photo Gallery**

Bri Litter 2 10_24_2021_01.jpg
baby girl 2.jpg
Boy 1 face.jpg
Boy 3 face.jpg
Girl 1 face.jpg
Orlando and Bri puppies group.jpg
Yorkie dolls with puppy.jpg
Orlando Updated Ingrus.jpg

Members of:

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This was Mister (Ken) and Orlando's 1st show together after he arrived here 4 days earlier from Ukraine.

Praise My Pet Coloring Book Celestial St


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, or to tell us about the animal you are hoping for. We can also set up for you and yours to view these little ones with FaceTime or use the Duo app.

4277 S 100 W
Williamsport, IN 47993


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 Hand of a Breeder:      

 The hand of a breeder is the hand that calms the dog during birth...

It is the hand that caresses her belly to calm her during contractions...

A breeder's hand is the hand that makes the path free to let the pups be born easier...

It is the hand that does not tremble and is there to help a puppy in trouble.

A breeder's hand is the hand that breaks the puppies' bag if it is not broken after birth...

It is the hand that helps rub and clean the puppies and helps their breathing.

A breeder's hand is the one that tries to revive a puppy, but sometimes has to give up when there is no heartbeat.

The hand of a breeder is the hand that cut the umbilical cord when the mother does not...

In addition, the hand of the breeder is the one that weighs the puppy every day to see if everything goes well.

A breeder's hand is the hand that puts a puppy closer to the mother while the mother looks at you full of confidence...

The hand that rubs the chest, so that breast milk is activated...

A breeder's hand is the one that rubs on their eyes and fights fatigue and sleep after days without falling asleep.

It is the hand that gives milk bottles day and night when there is very little yield.

A breeder's hand is the one that brings the lost puppy back to the mother, the one who plays with the puppy to socialize, the one who teaches the puppy to switch to solid nutrition.

The hand of a breeder is the hand that takes care of the little ones when it does not go well with them

The hand of a breeder is the hand you have entrusted to your future puppy in the hope that it will go well.

The hand of a breeder is the hand that is ready day and night to answer all your questions if you have any questions about anything.

For all these and many other things, the next time you shake a breeder's hand, think of everything that hand has done with love. 

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