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Biewer Terrier Litter had:  3 Girls, 2 Boys (06/15/2022)
1 girl and 2 boys are still 
Send us your email at the bottom of this page if you would like to be on our waitlist.

We are very excited about the mating of these two Biewer Terriers. Let us know if you want to be added to our wait list. These two are fully AKC registered as of January 2021! What an achievement for this breed! They were both AKC registered as FSS (Foundation Stock Service). As of January 1, 2021, AKC recognized the Biewer Terrier as the club's 197th breed. HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!


Aamore Mio Brizit (Bri) is the most outgoing girl that wants to please you and especially to sit in your lap. Such a beauty! Embark testing revealed she is 100% Biewer Terrier and her Coefficient of Inbreeding (CIO) is 22%

Celestial Star Orlando (Orlando) is a Junior Champion of Ukraine. He is already winning awards here in the USA, 4 days after arriving here. He is spectacular and we know this mating will have extremely beautiful babies! Embark testing revealed he is 100% Biewer Terrier and his Coefficient of Inbreeding (CIO) is 24%



Praise My Pet Coloring Book Celestial St
Bri Xray1 03_26_2021.jpg
Bri Xray2 03_26_2021.jpg
Bri Belly 03_26_2021.jpg
Bri big belly 03_29_2021.jpg
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