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Mister (Ken) & Missy (Susan) make up MnM of L’amore MnM Mini’s. We have bred Yorkies since 1979 and have added Biewer Terriers to our pack. They are both a beautiful breed. We deworm, vaccinate, microchip and Embark Health test all our dogs including new puppies prior to going to their forever homes. We FaceTime with you and the pup of your choice when you feel the need to get your puppy fix. Pics & videos are sent with updates of their weight gain. Contact us to view these beautiful puppies. The Biewer pups have opened their eyes and are now starting to walk around. Wobbly at this time. Little playing has started between them too.

  • Breeder - Owner
    Breeder - Owner
    Breeder - Owner of L’amor MnM Mini’s Yorkshire & Biewer Terriers


Breeder - Owner
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